little style

Newborn Neutrals

1. Fisherman Knit One Piece 2. Knit Bear Hat 3. Knit Booties 4. Footed Pants 5. Knit Cream Sweater 6. Knit Bear Hoodie 7. Organic Burp Cloths 8. Cotton Footies 9. Hi organic onesies (similar here) 10. Cheeky 11. Bird 12. Stars Burpy Bib 13. Easy Swaddle 14. Muslin Bibs 15. Reversible whale blanket 16. Gap Bear One Piece 17. Hat 18. Crossover Onesies 19. Footed Pants 20. Knot Caps 21. Muslin Swaddles

Who can resist all things pint size and stylish? Without knowing bambino(a)'s gender, these styles are some of my favorites donning the nursery drawers. Added bonus? They hand down well to any gender and neutral colors and textures often highlight the natural newborn stages. Of course, anything so tiny is tempting and cute but I try to remind myself to stick to classic styles that transcend any time period, soft cottons that hold up to the wear of all things baby and of course, comfort and practicality for a snoozing, diaper-change-demanding, snuggling bundle.

Update** 2016- Many products no longer available but I will fix the links to similar products.