Simple, Nutritious Breakfasts

These are 3 of my favorite, simple, go-to meals for a quick.healthy breakfast.

This might be my most frequent lineup; Toast, avocado, sprinkled flax seed, topped with a poached egg, its yolk ready to pour over it all, and meld it together. Filling, full of protein and fiber, and quick. Just add a little vinegar to your pot, heat the water just short of boiling, and cook the egg for about 3 minutes.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The next breakfast can be made on the weekend, and stored for a quick grab; Egg cups. Add your favorite vegetables, meat and/or cheese, and eggs. I line each muffin cup with prosciutto, mix eggs, spinach, red pepper, onion, mushroom and cheese in a bowl, pour evenly, and bake them about 20 minutes. You can keep them in an airtight container or wrap in parchment paper in a freezer bag and freeze. Just warm them in the oven or microwave and breakfast is served.

healthy breakfast
healthy breakfast ideas

Another easy, make-ahead breakfast; overnight oats. If you haven't heard of these, you can search Pinterest for dozens of combinations. My favorite is coconut, chocolate chip & almond. Add equal amounts oats, milk, and yogurt (I use Siggis vanilla or Greek yogurt). Mix in your favorite additions (in this case, a few mini chocolate chips and coconut) and keep it in the fridge overnight. I add toasted almonds on top just before eating. These are good cold or warmed up. I make up a few in ball jars over the weekend and grab them throughout the week. Perfect for eating in or running out the door and good for the whole family.

overnight oats
overnight oats
overnight oats

Just a few ideas to save time and 'hanger', ready in the time it takes to brew your morning coffee. What are your favorite breakfast ideas?