Soundtrack to Your Mother's Day

A perfect Sunday morning isn't complete without good food, mimosas, and dancing across the kitchen floor with the little ones that blessed us with the role of mom. Here are some fun & sentimental picks for your Mom's Day Mix. Watching my 1 year-old daughter twist to "little bitty pretty one" pairs well with any brunch in my book and the Brandi Carlile song written for her daughter has all the feels and perspective of motherhood. The Avett Bros. also capture family nicely. Wherever your plans take you this weekend, I hope your blessings are plenty.  

"Wilder than a brushfire burns deep inside the bramble
Baby, I think God made your soul born to ramble"
-Brandi Carlile

"make sure my sister knows I love her, make sure my mother knows the same
always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name"
-The Avett Brothers