Christmas Toddler Gift Guide

christmas gift guide

1 drum // 2 Book // 3 charcoal skirt // 4 play food // 5 purse // 6 play-doh tools // 7 fawn // 8 kitchen 

I'm excited for Christmas this year with an almost-two-year-old. She's starting to grasp the concept of Christmas a bit more, which makes things fun and full of spirit. I caught her talking out loud, asking Jesus to put Play-doh under the tree. Close.    

Here are some things and shops I love for my toddler to find under her tree on Christmas morning. My daughter loves to put on my purse, with a casual, unprompted, "buh-bye, target," so this miniature, leather, handcrafted purse is just her size and after seeing it, I wish it was mine. The linen skirt is a classic look for all seasons and a good, practical gift that makes her feel like she's dressing up. She also loves music and instruments and that wooden drum is reminiscent of 'The Little Drummer Boy' classic. All of their toys are adorable. She loves play-doh right now and I love the vintage style packaging with faux wood tools and lots of different texture stamps.

For the "big" gift, since she loves to help in the kitchen and begs to get out of the stroller every time we pass a play kitchen in a store, I found this simple and stylish play kitchen for half the price it was last year (on sale right now for $80 plus a coupon brought it to $70), easily the most inexpensive and cutest play kitchen I've come across. I plan to add a few minor cosmetic touches when I put it together. Add in some play food, and I think there will be one happy little girl on December 25th. 

I can't wait for Christmas morning pajamas, and wide-eyes, and little toddler fingers rummaging through packages and brunch and mimosas under a glowing, lit tree to the soundtrack of excited baby giggles and Christmas records. Only 12 sleeps left. :)