Baby, It's Cold Outside

Baby time is just around the corner, winter has set in, and all things cozy are abound. This made for a cozy time to shower baby with a party thrown by my sister and mom, themed “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” The fete was complete with a hot chocolate bar, tiny cottons on clotheslines, twinkling lights and snowflakes, and delicious winter cocktails, or at least they looked pretty from my cranberry mocktail vantage point.

There is something to be said for entertaining with attention to detail, tasty homemade food, good cocktails and good company, and letting that carry the party; and so the gifts came unwrapped ready to display, a well wish tree invited guests to write & hang messages for mom & baby and everyone was left to eat, drink and be merry.  Bambino is so loved and all that’s left is his or her arrival. You can check out some of my registry picks coming soon.

The featured drink was a White Christmas Sangria; easy to make ahead of time and large batch (a good white wine, white cranberry juice, club soda, peach schnapps, fresh cranberries, granny smith apples diced, and rosemary. Hypericum (red berry) flowers and baby's breath along with a variety of lanterns dotted the tablescape for a cozy winter atmosphere.

The menu consisted of baked brie topped with pistachio and honey, caprese salad, mini roast pork sandwiches,and this recipe for Winter Minestrone Soup & Garlic Crostini. Desserts included Italian cookies (which resemble snowballs for this theme), cannolis, and mini cheese tarts, all homemade. yum.

For favors, each guest kept their mug from the hot chocolate bar and got little bags put together by my sister with hot chocolate, and this white chocolate bark, adorned with little baby footprint stamps and 'warmest thanks'.