The spoon, or a spoon-like instrument, dates back millions of years as a means to gather that which slips between our fingers alone. Designed with artistry and function, its form is broadly utilized in various tasks. Stacked upon one another, spoons lie flush, befittingly to each other. Seemly. Purposeful. Lasting. These are qualities encompassed by the Little Spoon Co. We strive to personify an unmatched fit, and the inspiration it draws for an intentional life .


The Little Spoon Co


The Little Spoon Co. is a paperie & design company created to bring purposeful inspiration to your events, greetings, and spaces. Through the gift of a calligraphy set, a wide-eyed baby girl, an English degree, and God's Grace, came inspiration to share life from our sanguine eyes and "contribute a verse" of creativity. We offer both hand-lettered and digitally designed goods for your home decor, gifts and special events as well as custom design services for social and business purposes. The Little Spoon Co. is your source for every occasion, ready to create the perfect details, befitting to the occasion, home or brand.

Contact us to bring your custom idea to fruition. Visit our blog for gift guides, recipes, local spots, favorite things, and more ideas for entertaining and feeding "pure verb" to your days. Thanks for stopping by. 

Kathleen Brady